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Anglo, Irish, and Scottish Dances
Central Illinois English Country Dancers
Saturdays and Sundays (call for dates)
Dances taught by local leaders; the music is by the Flatland Consort at Phillips Recreation Center, 505 W. Stoughton St. Urbana, IL
Visit or call (217) 359-8225.
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Childgrove English Country Dancers
1st Monday & 3rd Friday
Childgrove English Country Dancers:
HOLIDAY BALL, December 16, 2016
Presidents' Ball Friday February 19, 2016
Mondays March 7 and April 4
Fridays March 18 and April 22, 2016

Lovely modern and historical English Country Dances (think Jane Austen). The first half of the "Plain and Fancy" dances, with recorded music, have simpler dances from 7-8:30pm, and more complex ones from 8:30-9:30pm. The Third Friday English Dance and the Presidents' Ball, 7:30-10:000pm, feature live music. These dances are at the Monday Club, 37 S. Maple, Webster Groves, MO. First Monday dance $5-10 sliding scale, Third Friday English Dance $7, Presidents' Ball $10. No partner required, all ages and levels of dance experience welcome. For more information, see or email

For the good are always the merry,
Save by an evil chance,
And the merry love the fiddle
And the merry love to dance. ~ William Butler Yeats
For more information, see or email
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Crystal Dance Troupe Medieval & Renaissance Dancing
2nd & 4th Wednesday 7 to 9 pm
On the 2nd & 4th Wednesday, 7 to 9 pm, the Crystal Dance Troupe conducts 'casual practices' of Medieval, Renaissance, and English Country Dances to recorded music at United Presbyterian Church, 2550 Rock Hill Rd, Wood River, IL 62095. Occasional practices also at United Church of Christ in Marine,IL.

Contact: Alice Buzzard 618-462-7765,

New members are welcome at any time. Check out this 1994 descriptive article and this
Article about the Crystal Ball from November 1997.
Please call Alice at 618-462-7765 to confirm.
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Highland Mist Scottish Country Dancers
Second and Third Saturdays
Traditional dances of Scotland: jigs, reels, and strathspeys. All steps and dances are taught; beginners are welcome. Come with or without a partner. Comfortable clothing and soft-soled shoes are suggested. Class is 1:00 to 3:00PM at the Bloom Fitness Studio in Cottlesville, MO. Cost is $6.
Visit or call (636) 978-2181 or email or
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Mayer School of Irish Dance
Regular classes in Irish step dancing and Ceili dancing for children ages 4 to 18 are held on Saturdays at Arts In Motion Studio, 9009 Manchester Road. in Brentwood, MO.
This school of championship irish step-dancers perform at various locations in the St. Louis area throughout the year.
Instructor: Paul Mayer, T.C.R.G.
Visit for more information
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Medieval Dancing: Barony of Three Rivers
Meets at Olivette Community Center at 9723 Grandview Dr, Olivette MO 63132. Dancers can dance from 6 pm until the business meeting for the SCA at 7 PM. Then resume dancing after 7:30. Occasional live music. Dances always taught prior to dancing. No partner required
Visit or email or call 314-849-3891
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Saint Louis English Country Dancers
Second Fridays, Fourth Mondays
English Country Dancing from the 1600s and 1700s to live music of The Original Speckled Band on Mondays at Focal Point, 2720 Sutton Blvd (just south of Manchester) in Maplewood or on Fridays at Brentwood Congregational United Church of Christ, 2400 S. Brentwood, at the corner of Brentwood and Eulalie (across from Walgreens).

SPECIAL EVENT on Sat, April 30th: Playford Ball (Fancy dress, YOUR definition), First Congregational UCC, 6501 Wydown Blvd.

Regular dances:
Fri., Oct. 14th - Brentwood UCC
Mon., Oct. 24th - Focal Point - Hallowe'en Hat Dance
Friday, Nov. 11 - Brentwood UCC
Monday, Nov. 28 - Focal Point
Friday, Dec. 9 - 1st Congregational UCC (6501 Wydown) - Holiday Dance
Monday, Dec. 26 - no dance
Special event:
Saturday, Jan. 7 - Old Christmas Grand Dance, Focal Point, Fancy Dress
(your definition), $18 (students $10).
All dances are taught. Workshop 7:00 p.m., dancing 7:30-9:30 p.m. Admission is $8.00 (students $5.00).
To find out more, visit, Phone: Paul Stamler, 314-664-9207, e-mail
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Shape Note Singing in Columbia, MO
Second & Fourth Tuesdays
Experienced singers and beginners are welcome! Trinity Presbyterian Church, 1600 W. Rollins Rd. at Manor Dr. at 7:30 pm.
For information call Wendy Hofmann at (573) 446-1075.
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St. Louis African Chorus
Tuesdays and Thursdays, By appointment only
Song, dance and drumming from authentic African traditions. For adults and children. Call to audition or to receive a newsletter.
Ablawa Reine conducts After-School Cultural Exchange dance workshops and French language immersion programs at the Marian Middle School and the St Louis Language Immersion Schools.
For information call 314-652-6800 or visit
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St. Louis Irish Arts
Mondays,Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Regular classes in Irish music, song and dance for children and adults
are held each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Immaculate Conception School 2934 Marshall in Maplewood, Missouri.
Read our article from Nov 1996 about this group.
Visit or Call Helen Gannon at 314-849-1662 for more information.
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St. Louis Irish Set Dancers
3rd Mondays
TRY SOMETHING NEW! Irish Set Dancing at Focal Point, 2720 Sutton in Maplewood.
No partner or experience required and all dances will be taught clearly and easily. Only $4.

Irish set dancing is an energetic, fun style. Four couples align in a square formation and do a series of moves as directed. Many of these moves will be familiar to dancers who have done contra and/or square dance. The music will be energetic jigs, reels, or hornpipes. This will be part of a monthly series of Irish Set Dancing lessons. No need to sign up for the series, come any night you can. Set dances taught by Erin Goss, ceili dances by Deborah Hyland
Contact: Deborah Hyland (314) 776-2763
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The Capering Roisters Morris Dancing
Morris team practices and performs Morris dances--Old English ritual dances from
the Cotswold hills. The few references in written history indicate these
high-energy dances were performed at the change of seasons and at other
community events. Anyone interested in dancing or playing music is invited to attend one of the weekly practices.
Pictures from Midsummer 2002
See the article from March 1997
Call John Long at 314-647-1804 for information.
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American Folk Dances (Contra, squares)
Cajun 'n Zydeco ('n French Creole) dancing around town to live music!
WHERE? Focal Point, Sutton Avenue, Maplewood, MO
TIME? 7pm
WHO? OLD FASHIONED ACES (Cajun music) They're on their way up nort' for the summer! That's MN and WI! Blake Miller & the Old Fashioned Aces are breathing new life into an old sound. Its traditional Cajun music, pure and simple. Instead of stretching the boundaries of Louisiana French music with intense and prominent electrified instruments, the Aces nest comfortably inside the well worn tracks of Cajun music: accordion, fiddle, guitar with vocals and t'fer. From old fiddle tunes to classic dance floor packers and bilingual classics, their music is comfort food for the Cajun music fan.
COVER? $15

JUNE 22 @ Washington (MO) Farmer's Market
FREE! Zydeco dance with The Boudin Brothers!
That means Benet Schaeffer on drums (from Jeremiah Johnson Band!) and
Ron Sikes on percussion (from Funky Butt Brass Band!)
TIME? 6-10PM
COVER? free!
Food and beverages on sale @ farmers market. AND Sugarfire BBQ is only a couple blocks from the market.

WHEN? JULY 20 @ Focal Point on Sutton Ave, Maplewood, MO
WHO? Jane Vidrine (originally from StL and Grammy nominee!) and John Vidrine. Steeped in Cajun Louisiana living and traditions, Jane and John bring rich experiences and interpretations to Cajun tunes played on fiddle and guitar with superb vocals, be it a waltz, a ballad, or a two-step.
COVER? Well worth it! At least $10, maybe $15

Cajun Music Workshop w/ Jane and John Vidrine
Saturday, July 21, 2018 | 12-2pm
Folk School, 3323 Washington Ave

Workshop Description:
Direct from Louisiana, John and Jane Vidrine will lead a Cajun music learn and jam. While you learn traditional Cajun 2 steps and waltzes, you will be treated to the stories of the songs and the musicians who have been creating Cajun music for over 100 years. No experience playing Cajun music is necessary. Best for accordion (key of C), fiddle, guitar, and vocals, but bring whatever folk instrument you play and we’ll see what happens. Lyrics will be provided.

John and Jane Vidrine have been playing Cajun music together since the 1980s for festivals, gatherings, and concerts around their home region of Acadiana in Louisiana, at music camps, in France and Denmark. Their repertoire ranges from crusty old fiddle duets and unaccompanied French ballads to exciting dancehall favorites. John’s stories will have your smile muscles hurting.

John is from Mamou, Louisiana, where Cajun music and folk traditions are virtually a way of life. He’s played accordion, fiddle and guitar since he was very young and was influenced by legendary figures from the area including Nathan Abshire, Dewey Balfa, Marc Savoy and others. Jane came on the Louisiana music scene in 1983 after growing up in St Louis and being quite central to the folklife community here (MFFA, Frontier Folklife Festival, Focal Point, Music Folk). A founding member of the two time Grammy-nominated Magnolia Sisters Cajun Band. Together they are known for their investment in their community to promote regional traditional music and for supporting young people in their efforts to bring Cajun music, language and cultural traditions into the future.
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Childgrove Country Dancers
3rd Saturdays & 1st, 2nd, 4th & 5th Sundays
Traditional old time contra and square dances with live music at the Monday Club, 37 South Maple, Webster Groves. Free workshop at 6:30pm, dancing at 7 pm on Sundays. (7:30pm workshop, dancing at 8:00pm on 3rd Saturdays.) Admission is $7.00. Workshops are intro level contras; all dances are taught and easy to learn. Singles and couples of all ages are welcome. Wood dance floor; AC. For more information, or email

Sunday June 24
Band. Roger Wilco
Caller Sarah Kaiser

Sunday July 1
Band. Mound City Slickers
Caller. Fred Park

Sunday July 8
Band. Scraphounds
Caller. Kathy Coffman

Sunday July 15
Band. Martha Edwards
Caller. Lauren Peckman

Saturday July 21
Band. Snorty Horse
Caller. Mac Mckeever

Sunday July 29
Band. Bony Goats
Caller. Jim Hemphill

Sunday August 5
Band. Sadie Hawkins Day
Caller. John Coffman

Sunday August 12
Band. The Young & The Fretless
Caller. Dale Wilson

Saturday August 18
Band. Lucas Simpson, Aaron Albrecht, Rich Egan
Caller. Gail Hintze

Sunday August 26
Band. 32 Bartenders
Caller. Jim Thaxter

Sunday Sept. 2
Band. Ladies @ Play
Caller. Bob Green & Andrea Nettleton

Sunday Sept. 9
Band. Ellen Gomez
Caller. Karen Jackson

Saturday Sept. 15
Band. Roger & The Short List
Caller. Mac Mckeever

Sunday Sept. 23
Band. Mound City Slickers
Caller. Deborah Hyland

Sunday Sept. 30
Band. Three Crooked Men
Caller Sarah Kaiser

Sunday Oct 7
Band. Root Diggers
Caller. Dale Wilson

Sunday Oct 14
Band. MO Possum Tamers
Caller. Wade Pearson

Saturday. Oct 20
Band. Euphoria
Caller. Mac McKeever

Sunday Oct 28
Band. Roadkill Ramblers
Caller. Ted Steele

Call Mac McKeever at 636-537-1643 or Visit
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Contra Dancing in Cape Girardeau
Traditional Old Time contra and square dances to live music at Christ Episcopal Church at 101 N. Fountain St, Cape Girardeau, MO. Dance from 7:00-9:30pm.
See website or call to confirm dates.
For more info call John or Kathy Coffman at (573) 334-4706 or visit
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Contra Dancing in Carbondale, IL
1st Saturday (June through October)
Dances held in Carbondale, IL at Longbranch Coffeehouse, 100 E. Jackson St. from 4-6 p.m. Wear soft-soled shoes. A donation is taken.
For info call Barb at (618)549-1595 or Roy at (618)559-7870 or email
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CrossCurrents Barn Dances in Kansas City
4th Saturdays
Workshop at 7pm, dance at 7:30pm at St. Paul's Episcopal Day School gymnasium, 4041 Main Street, Kansas City, MO. Cost $8.
For info call (816) 516-1876 or visit
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Elsah (IL) Community Folk Dance
2nd Saturdays, January thru May
Dance with us in historic Farley's Music Hall, 37 Mill Street,Elsah, IL. - all are welcome! 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Cost: $6.00 per person, $15.00 max per family, students with ID 1/2 price. Live old time music. See for schedule.
For more info, contact Eric Schreiber at 618-374-2024 or email
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Greater St. Louis Square Dance Federation
various, always
Many groups listed by
Visit for schedules
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Lawrence (KS) Barn Dance Assoc.
3rd & 5th Saturdays
Dance at 7:30 pm at Woodlawn School, 508 Elm Street, in North Lawrence. (Take East Lawrence exit if arriving via I-70). Our website has specific directions. Call for other locations and times in the area.
Regular contra dances on 3rd Saturdays at 7:30pm (beginner's session at 6:45) at the Lawrence Arts Center Dance Annex, 205 W 8th in downtown Lawrence, KS.
Advanced dances (minimal walkthroughs, no beginner session) on 5th Saturdays at the same location (Dance Annex).
Family dances on second Sundays at 4:30pm, at the ECM building, 12th and Oread (at the north end of the KU campus). Potluck follows at 5:30.
Visit, email, or call 913-865-FOLK or 785-749-1356
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Mid-Missouri Traditional Dancers
1st, 3rd, and 5th Fridays (except July and August: 3rd Fridays only)
Contra dances are held at the First Christian Church, corner of Tenth and Walnut, Columbia, MO, 7:30-10:30 p.m. Walk-through at 7:00 p.m.
Admission $7.00 ($4.00 for ages 16–25; free for children 15 and under).
All ages welcome. No partner needed. Wear clean, soft-soled shoes to protect the floor.

Visit or Phone 573-874-2792 for information and directions.
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Singles & Doubles Square Dance Club
Wednesday, starting January 4, 2017
ATTENTION BABY BOOMERS and all who want to try Square Dancing in Webster Groves.
Singles & Doubles Square Dance lessons begin on Wednesdays, JAN. 4, 2017

FREE on January 4 class only, no obligation. Subsequent classes, $5 per person.
Where: Christ Lutheran Church, One Selma Ave (at Lockwood near Webster Groves Webster Groves).
When: 7:00 PM - 9:00 pm.

COUPLES and SINGLES are welcome. No experience required. Wear casual clothes and expect good exercise, mental stimulation, and fellowship.
Contact: Contact Gen at 314-351-4283 or email
Web site:
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Traditional Dance and Music Society in Springfield, MO
Usually 1st and 3rd Saturdays
Contras, circles and squares with live music. Most dances held at at Franciscan Villa (unless otherwise noted) 620 W. Scott (Corner of Scott & North Main), Springfield) Dance 7:30pm - 10:30 pm.
Basic steps taught at 7:00 pm. Beginners always welcome! Admission $6, students $4. We usually dance one or two Saturdays a month; calendar is on website.
Visit or Email or call 417-683-7544.
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Urbana Country Dancers
1st & 3rd Fridays (occasional Saturdays)
The UCD dances traditional, early American contra dances and some squares to live fiddle music in an atmosphere friendly to both singles and couples. All dances are taught. Wear comfortable clothes and clean, soft soled shoes. $5.00 donation.
Dances start at 8 P.M. at the Phillips Recreation Center, 505 West Stoughton Street in Urbana, IL. Dance on Fridays, except for the second week in each month, when the dance is on Saturday.
For the current schedule visit
or call Jonathan at 217-359-8225.
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West County Spinners Square Dance Club
Regularly scheduled: 1st and 3rd Mondays
Today’s square dancing...It’s not what you think!
Experience fun, fellowship, great exercise and mental stimulation!
If you enjoy walking, you will enjoy square dancing; no experience is necessary. Couples and singles of all ages are welcome.

NEW CLASSES BEGINNING! FOR FREE ON SEPTEMBER 12 and 19, 2017 introducing Modern Western Square Dance!
WHO? West County Spinners Square Dance Club offers two 'introductory classes'.
WHEN? Tuesday, September 12 and 19, 2017 from 7:15 to 8:45 p.m.
WHERE? Trinity Lutheran Church, 14088 Clayton Rd., Chesterfield, MO 63017 (southeast corner of Clayton Rd. and Hwy 141).
AND.. the square dance program continues for 12 more weeks on Tuesdays!
COST? $60 per person for the 12 week program.

Children ages 8-18 are free when accompanied by a paying adult. Wear casual clothes and be prepared to have fun square dancing!
You can just show up for the introductory classes, too!

For information or to register, contact Jim and Crystal at 314-753-6674,,

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Germanic Dances
D'Froehliche Schuhplattler
1st and 3rd Fridays (most months)
Learn traditional Bavarian Folk dances.
Dance to live and recorded music from 7:00-9:00pm, at the Maryland Heights Community Center 2344 McKelvey Rd. Maryland Heights MO. Admission free.
We welcome youth (3 years & older), teenagers and adults.
The dances and outfits we wear are authentic.
We are available to perform in our Bavarian attire at events.
Come join us for lots of fun!
For information call Larry Taake at (314) 293-1668 or visit
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Nordic Dancers
Second and Fourth Mondays, call for dates
Couple and group dancing from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland at St. Mark's Lutheran Church at 6325 Clayton. Beginners from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. Intermediate from 8:00 - 9:00 p.m. Call to verify dance time. Dance to a mixture of live and recorded music. No partner needed and most dances are taught and walked through beforehand. Leather-soled shoes are recommended.
Email or call Nancy and Rex at 314-275-8228.
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Scandinavian Bygdedans
Usually First Sundays
Intermediate to advanced Scandinavian couples and group dancing with both live
and recorded music. No partner is necessary and most dances are taught and walked through beforehand. Since many of the couples dances are turning dances, leather-soled shoes are recommended. (see the St. Louis Spelmanslag group)
Call for location.

International Couple dancing.
Dancing starts at 6:45 and all dates are on Sundays
Jan 21, Feb 25, March 11, April 15, May 13

Scandinavian Bygdedans. Dancing starts at 6:45 and all dates are on Sundays
Jan 14, Feb 11, March 4, April 8, May 6
Visit or
email or call Nancy and Rex at 314-275-8228.
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St. Louis Metro Polka Club
Fourth Sundays
The St Louis Metro Polka Club is dedicated to the promotion of polka music. Regular monthly busness meetings are held at 2p.m. and followed by a dance to live music, 3-6:30p.m. Meetings and dances held at Polish Hall 826 Greenwood Street, Madison, IL. Admission is $6. A variety of polkas, waltzes, obereks, kolos, schottisches, line dances and some ballroom steps are done. Please step lively and join us for a monthly dance.
NOTE: Videos of our events are posted to YouTube and are linked on our website.

Monthly Dances, 4th Sundays!
SUN Jan 22: Mike Wisneski's Polka Connection.
CELEBRATE National Polka Month - FREE -
Attend the meeting which begins at 2PM.
Dancing begins a little before 3:00-6:30PM
SUN Feb 26: Larry Haller's Two Star Final, Monthly Dance $7, 3:00-6:30PM
SUN Mar 26: Button Box Club Monthly Dance $7, 3:00-6:30PM
Contact Ann Meyer at 314-741-5777 or visit
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Other European Dances
Czech Dancing
Spring & Fall Festivals
Featuring live music by Joe Polach and Czech Express at the American Czech center, 4690 Landsdowne at Kingshighway.
For info call 314 752-8168 or Joe Polach at 314-846-7335
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Greek Dancing
Most Sundays
Greek line and circle dances set to recorded music with occasional singing and playing of instruments by participants. Sunday, 7:00-9:00 PM at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church, 1755 Des Peres Road (Go to 270 and Manchester and Des Peres Road South.)
Call Dean Bellos, 314-351-3302 for more information
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International Folk Dancing
Every Saturday evening from 7:30 to 10:45 pm.
WHO? GANGSPIL, Danish duo Kristian Bugge & Sonnich Lydom (fiddle & accordian). Two of Denmark’s leading folk musicians take you along on a tour around the music traditions of their home country.
WHEN? Thurs. Feb. 15, 7:30pm
WHERE? Bethany Lutheran Church, 407 Fairview Ave, Webster Groves, MO.
COST? $15 suggested donation, contact Nancy or Rex at 314 786-5098.

The International Folk Dance Association of University City sponsors folk dancing from around the world, with recorded music, at University United Methodist Church at 6901 Washington Ave. in University City (St. Louis), Missouri. The church is on the corner of Washington and Trinity, across Trinity Ave. from the Center of Contemporary Arts (COCA) and reachable from Delmar by turning south next to the Lion Gates. Please try to avoid parking on the residential streets. Walk by the playground in front of the church, and enter by the door at the inner corner of the L-shaped building.

Teaching of advanced lessons begins at 7:30 pm, and 'easy teaching', along with general dancing, commences at 8:00 pm. Admission is $1.00. Dance a variety of line, circle and couples dances. Sessions will start with a beginner's class at 6:30 pm from February 12 onward. No partner is required. Wear comfortable shoes.
See the descriptive FolkFire article from 1997
For more information call 314-786-5098 or visit or
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International Folk Dancing in Topeka
Bob Shapiro and Elaine O'Gara lead International Folk dancing almost every Saturday from 7-9:30 and some Sunday afternoons. Location is 2637 SE 41st Street, Topeka, KS.

We do dances from 28 different countries with an emphasis on Balkan and Israeli dances. Most dances will be easy for beginners, and a few dances are made easy when other experienced dancers participate.
All levels welcome. No partners needed.

PLEASE do not wear perfume.
Contact: Bob Shapiro ;; 785-215-2809;
Elaine O'Gara: 785-215-0968;
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World Dance (other)
Aalim Middle Eastern Folk and Belly Dancing
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, Call
Aalim Dance Academy offers weekly classes in authentic Middle-Eastern folk dancing and the ancient art of belly dancing. A fun way to exercise and benefit body and the mind. Beginner through advanced classes are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
Call For info call Salwa at (314) 961-3790 or visit
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Arts Academy of Bharata
Call for Schedule
AAHBA offers classes and designs programs for St Louis and beyond representing classical and devotional music and dance from India. AAHBA designs Bharata Natayam & creative dances, visual arts & wisdom literature.
For more information call 314-791-3976 or
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Belly Dance Mirage
Weekly (see website for details
Women of all shapes, sizes, and abilities are invited to learn belly dance with us. Our dance classroom is a supportive and friendly environment, free of embarrassment and competition. Please wear stretchy or loose fitting clothing. You do not have to show your belly. Many students find wearing a scarf around their hips helps to define their movements. For a detailed schedule of class days and times, visit
For info call (314) 995-2646 or visit our website.
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Belly Dance with Nisaa
See Website
Experience the art of Middle Eastern dance! Nisaa is a St. Louis-based instructor and performer specializing in belly dance and folkloric dance styles of the Middle East. Nisaa offers quality instruction in several formats, including group classes, private lessons, seminars, and workshops. Group classes are offered in a variety of proficiency levels - from beginner through advanced - so whether you're brand new to Middle Eastern dance, or an experienced student looking to improve her skills, Nisaa has a class for you! Group classes are provided at two locations: Nisaa's studio (located at 3904 Flad Ave., St. Louis, MO 63110) and St. Charles Community College.
Visit email or phone 314-599-0506
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Dances of India
Learn exotic, beautiful dances of India, and its culture and customs. Indian folk dance includes Bharat Natyam and Kuchi-Pudi.
All ages welcome. Classes for beginners to advanced. Private lessons are also available. Classes held at Dimensions Dance Studio located at 1201 North Warson Road. Students should wear loose, comfortable clothing.
For information call Asha Prem at 314-997-0911 or visit
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Dances of Universal Peace
Group No Longer Meeting
Share the sacred songs and movements from a variety of different traditions-Sufi, Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Pagan, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, Hindu, Native American, African. Simple lyrics and steps with live music. Join in the Dance from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. at the Unity Christ Church, 33 N. Skinker (at Forsyth). A small donation ($5.00) is requested but not required.
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English Country Dancers of the Metro East
Dancing one Tuesday night per month
NEW! ECD for the Metro East suburbs of St. Louis.
Summer dance series ~ June, July, August 2015
Gender-free dances called to recorded music.
Focus on fun for all! Contact
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FolkFire Events
SAT, NOV 18, 1-5PM @ Stone Hill Winery
Swampweed Cajun Dance Hall Band!
Cover? Non-perishable food item, donated for food shelf. Gotta' love this!
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Hawaiian Polynesian Revue
Call for Schedule
Hawaiian Polynesian Revue is an authentic,
traditional, multicultural dance troupe, doing dances of Samoa, Tahiti, Hawaii,
and New Zealand (Maori). Classes for Polynesian dance are held every Saturday
morning at 9:00 AM at Creative Dance at Patterson Plaza in Florissant. Classes are open to men, women and children of all ages. We are also interested in contacting people in the St. Louis area of Polynesian descent. Those interested should wear lightweight, comfortable clothing and bring their bare feet!

Read the article from July 96 about this group.
Call Linda Evans at 314-921-1817 for more information.
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Hispanic Cultural Dancers
Call for info
Perform dances from Bolivia, Honduras, Panama, and other South American countries.
Call 314-837-5746 for location and schedule
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International Couple Dancing
Usually twice a month on Sundays. Dates, times, and places are subject to change,
Scandinavian and International Couple Dancing:

Scandinavian Bygdedans, Sundays from 6:45 to 9pm:
Sunday Jan 10 at 6:45pm
Monday Feb 8 at 7pm

International Couple dancing, Sundays from 6:45 to 9pm:
Sunday Jan 24 at 6:45pm
Sunday Feb 21 at 6:45pm
SPECIAL EVENT! Sunday Jan 17, 1-3pm, Romanian Couple dance workshop with Sonia Dion and Cristian Florescu. Visit for workshop informatio
Authentic European folk dances. No partner necessary. Most dances taught beforehand. Leather-soled shoes recommended. Call for location.
For info call Nancy and Rex at 314 786-5098 or e-mail or visit
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Israeli Folk Dancing
Thursday evenings, except on Jewish Holidays
Classic and new Israeli folk dances taught and danced. Circle and line dances. No partner needed. Beginners/easy/classics taught and danced 8-9 p.m. Intermediate/advanced dances 9-11 p.m. Teens through senior citizens.
At Traditional Congregation, 12437 Ladue Rd., Creve Coeur MO. $5 per person. Open to all skill levels.
See FolkFire's descriptive article from March 1997.
More info at:, email or or call 314-569-1333.
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Midwest United Swing Dance Imperial Club (M.U.S.I.C.)
2nd & 4th Sundays every month
Meet 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month at
VFW, 1234 Vandalia St, Collinsville, IL 62234

NO partner needed. All ages and level of dance experience welcome.
Doors open at 5:00p. Lessons 5:30-6:30p, free with paid admission! Open dancing 6:30 -9:30.

Lessons in Swing 1, Swing 2, Swing 3 and an Instructors Choice bonus lesson. (Bonus Lessons have included social waltz, Nightclub 2 Step, Salsa, Country 2 Step, San Antonio stroll.)

DJs will be:
03/25 - Sandy Ferguson
04/08 - Larry Williams
04/22 - Terry James
05/13 - Bud Waters
- Doug Eskew
06/10 - Charlie Menefee
06/24 - Greg Wolf
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Prayerful Circle Dances
Call for Days
Simple, prayerful dances anyone can dance. All faiths are welcome. No prior dance experience is necessary. For inner and outer peace, harmony of body and spirit and celebration of life. Held at the Mercy Center, 2039 North Geyer Road between Clayton Road and Manchester Blvd. 7:15-9:15 PM. Admission is $5.00.
See the article from March 97
Call Mary Lou 314-227-9911 for information
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Rhythms in Anoa Dance Theatre
Tuesdays & Thursdays, Wednesday drumming
Learn traditional West African dances of Mali. Youths (ages 5 yrs.and up) and adults from 5:30 to 7:00 PM. Cost is $5.00. Dancing is to both live and taped drums. Classes are held at West End Community Center, 724 North Union between Delmar and Enwright, in the dance studio on the second floor. Classes are $5 each.
Bring plenty of water to drink. Women should wear a t-shirt or leotard top and should bring enough fabric to wrap once around their waist. Men should wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes.
Wednesdays: West Afrikan percussion classes will be taught by Weedie Braimah, 6-8pm, also at the West End Community Center. Classes will be $10 each, with a $4 fee for drum rentals.
Call DeBorah Ahmed at 314-367-3440 for information.
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Simone's Seventh Veil
Call for Schedules
This dance group teaches Middle Eastern belly dancing to recorded music. Anyone can learn this ancient dance form.
Call 314-984-8008 for locations and schedule
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Tandava Tribal Bellydance
American Tribal Style (ATS) Bellydance is art in motion. It is a fusion of many different dance forms including Middle Eastern, traditional Indian, and flamenco. The primary characteristic of ATS is group improvisation. It celebrates the female form in all its beautiful shapes and sizes, and promotes community among women. It is also a low-impact way to develop strength and flexibility. No matter what your experience level is, if you love to dance or you're just looking for a new and fun way to get fit, come join us and embrace your inner goddess!
ATS Fundamentals Monday Evenings 7:00-8:00
Visit call 314-398-8184 or email
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Ballroom Dances
Gateway Tango
Group No Longer Meeting
Sponsors tango instructors from Buenos Aires, NYC and elsewhere. Visiting artists reside in St. Louis for several months. Group classes, workshops, private lessons and tango related events available several times each week. Learn to tango and dance socially at milongas around town each month. Special
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Los Flamencos
Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays
Flamenco dance lessons are offered on
Saturdays at Just Dancing, 141 and Manchester

All levels taught.
For more information call Beth at 314-954-5594 email or visit
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St. Louis Ballroom Dancers
See Website
Weekly group lessons from beginner to advanced levels, 6 week sessions. Monthly dances at Kirkwood Community Center. Dates vary; see website for dance information.
Visit Contact the President at 314-314-984-8084 or
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Waltz Parties
Sundays after 3rd Saturdays
Waltz Party
Sundays after 3rd Saturdays
February 21, March 20 and April 17, 2016

An elegant evening of waltz, tango, schottische, polka and ragtime dances to the beautiful music of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Lesson from 6-7:00 p.m. Dancing from 7-9:00 p.m. Live music by Halcyon Light Orchestra at the Monday Club, 37 S. Maple, Webster Groves. $10.00 per person. No partner required, dressy attire, all ages and levels of dance experience welcome. For more information see:

For more information see:
or Contact Martha Edwards at
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Participatory Music Jams
Acoustic Music Jam in St. Peters
This group offers a comfortable environment for playing any acoustic instrument and singing. Meets Wednesday 7-9pm. Cost $3.
St. Peters Community Arts Center
One St. Peters Centre Blvd.
St. Peters, MO
For info contact Tom at 636-866-5343 or email
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Bluegrass and Classic Country Music Jam in Troy, Missouri
Every Thursday 5:15 to 8:30 pm
Come to Krumbly Burger Restaurant, 70 Front Street, Troy, MO 63379.
This is a jam, everybody welcome to join in.
Contact Tom Pini, 636-866-5343 or email:
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Cahokia Bluegrass Shack Acoustic Jam
Alternating Tuesdays
Bluegrass, gospel and old country. All skill levels welcome. Everybody gets a turn if they want one. Jams are every other Tuesday and start at 7:30 p.m.
Visit or call 618-475-3678.
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Missouri Fiddlers & Country Music Association
Nov 8: Jam Session in Room 300, Kirkwood Community Ctr, 1-4pm
Dec 12: Annual Christmas Party, Kirkwood Community Ctr (west gym), noon-4pm
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Native American Flute Circle of St. Louis
Third Sundays
Flute Circle meets third Sunday of the month at 1:30 p.m. If you have a flute please bring it, or you can just come to enjoy and listen. Location varies so please see the website for meeting information and location.
For info visit or email
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Shape Note Singing
First, Third and Fifth Mondays
St. Louis Shape Note Singers sing an a capella style of music featuring strong harmonies and poetry.
All are welcome. No experience needed.
Also, check out nearby singings on 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings in Columbia, MO and on most 2nd Saturday afternoons near Bowling Green MO.

For information go to Call Dave at 314-776-7477 or email Paul at
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St. Louis Harmony Chorus
The St. Louis Harmony Chorus is made up of women of all ages, all walks of life, and all parts of the Bi-state area. Women just like you! We rehearse every Tuesday night at:
1st Presbyterian Church
100 East Adams
Kirkwood, MO 63122-4019
Rehearsals start at 7:30pm
Visit for more info
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St. Louis Spelmanslag
generally Wednesday evenings
Musicians of all instruments and abilities with an interest in the folk music of the Scandinavian countries are invited to play with the Spelmanslag.

We generally meet at member's homes on Wednesday evenings. The Spelmanslag also plays for the Scandinavian Bygdedans dancers, the Nordic Dancers, and at various ethnic festivals.
For information contact Paul Russell at
or 314-757-1482.
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