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Rhythms in Anoa Dance Theatre
Tuesdays & Thursdays, Wednesday drumming
Learn traditional West African dances of Mali. Youths (ages 5 yrs.and up) and adults from 5:30 to 7:00 PM. Cost is $5.00. Dancing is to both live and taped drums. Classes are held at West End Community Center, 724 North Union between Delmar and Enwright, in the dance studio on the second floor. Classes are $5 each.
Bring plenty of water to drink. Women should wear a t-shirt or leotard top and should bring enough fabric to wrap once around their waist. Men should wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes.
Wednesdays: West Afrikan percussion classes will be taught by Weedie Braimah, 6-8pm, also at the West End Community Center. Classes will be $10 each, with a $4 fee for drum rentals.
Call DeBorah Ahmed at 314-367-3440 for information.
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