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St. Louis Metro Polka Club
Fourth Sundays
The St Louis Metro Polka Club is dedicated to the promotion of polka music. Regular monthly busness meetings are held at 2p.m. and followed by a dance to live music, 3-6:30p.m. Meetings and dances held at Polish Hall 826 Greenwood Street, Madison, IL. Admission is $6. A variety of polkas, waltzes, obereks, kolos, schottisches, line dances and some ballroom steps are done. Please step lively and join us for a monthly dance.
NOTE: Videos of our events are posted to YouTube and are linked on our website.

Monthly Dances, 4th Sundays!
SUN Jan 22: Mike Wisneski's Polka Connection.
CELEBRATE National Polka Month - FREE -
Attend the meeting which begins at 2PM.
Dancing begins a little before 3:00-6:30PM
SUN Feb 26: Larry Haller's Two Star Final, Monthly Dance $7, 3:00-6:30PM
SUN Mar 26: Button Box Club Monthly Dance $7, 3:00-6:30PM
Contact Ann Meyer at 314-741-5777 or visit
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