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  • Who Runs This Thing, Anyway?

    FolkFire's Board of Directors has consisted of some very dedicated folks.
    As of January 2007 they were:

    We also have the much needed help from our terrific volunteers such as

    Thanks, Folks, we couldn't do it without you!

    For quick submission forms for Regular Group Listings, click this link.

    FolkFire Mission Statement

    The FolkFire St. Louis Dance and Music Newsletter was extablished as a centralized source of folk dance and music information for the St Louis area. Its position is neutral with respect to the internal politics of all of the groups it lists.

    The grander view of FolkFire, the organization, is to promote the social and interactive folk arts in as wide an area as we can address.

    Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure an accurate listing, last minute delays, cancellations, and changes do occur. Please call to confirm that an event is running as scheduled.

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