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January / February 2001 Issue

  • Raven Moon: "Endless Highway"

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  • Raven Moon: "Endless Highway"
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    On their first CD release, Raven Moon, a six-piece eclectic acoustic band, plays everything from swing to bluegrass. "Endless Highway" presents a high quality studio version of a wide variety of music. The songs in their repertoire include bluegrass, blues, Cajun, folk, Irish, old-time, rock & roll and swing.

    The first cut on the CD, "Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring," opens with an invitation to swing with Raven Moon vocally and instrumentally. Next Christine Peick sings in traditional bluegrass style, "I'd Rather Be the Girl You Left Behind." This is followed by the best of bluegrass with Raven Moon, "Sittin on Top of the World," a hard drivin', hand clappin', foot stompin', finger snappin' rhythmic treat.

    In a rousing version of "Alabama Jubilee," the Raven members each take their musical licks in fun and fashion. Then Christine's voice, plaintive and sweet, echoes in the next selection, a traditional version of, "Wayfaring Stranger." The vocal variety of rhythm and blues and fun is certainly right for Christine in the next selection "Why Don't You Do Right."

    Christine then sings about the twists and turns of love as she travels down the "Endless Highway" of life. This is followed by Raven Moon's rendition of Mick Jagger's, "You Can't Always Get What You Want," a spirited blend of rock and roll and bluegrass. The crying tones of the fiddle and mandolin blend together with back-up vocal overtones from Raven Moon as Christine is featured next in "Blue Lonesome Wind."

    Raven goes Irish as the band weaves a Celtic lattice on "Hobarts/June Apple" pie. In "If Wishes Were Horses," a traditional bluegrass cut, the band has fun with a variety of old sayings like, "the grass is greener on the other side." Christine sings the jailhouse blues or what happens when good goes bad in "Mama Tried."

    At one of Raven Moon's concerts, it is not unusual to hear a Bob Dylan tune followed by a Bill Monroe song. The next minute you will hear The Rolling Stones followed by Cajun. No matter what songs Raven Moon plays, the band will have you movin' to many different styles of acoustic music. The versatile members of the band are: Christine Peick, lead singer, back-up vocalist and rhythm guitar player; Mark George, lead singer, back-up vocalist and mandolin player; Gen Obata, lead singer, back-up vocalist and lead guitar player; Bob Lucas, lead singer and banjo player; John Higgins, back-up vocalist, fiddle and harmonica player; and John Stephens, bass player.

    "Endless Highway" is available by mail for $15. from Christine Peick at: 8922 Trolley Rd., Columbia, IL. 62236.

    For information call 618-939-7453 or e-mail