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57 Listings -- Artist(s) & Album(s)Reviewer
Bernie and Barbara McDonald: "CELTIC CROSS Volume 2" by Buffie Bacott
Bonnie Rideout: "Soft May Morn" by Bob Borcherding
Bryndle: A Band Review by Rich Simmons
Buddy McMaster: "Judique on the Floor" & "Glencoe Hall" by Bob Borcherding
Cathy Barton & Dave Para: "Crazy Quilt" by Andrew Limanni
Cathy Barton, Dave Para, Bob Dyer - "Rebel in the Woods" by Andrew Limanni
Catie Curtis - "Truth From Lies" by Rich Simmons
Concert band: Stone Hill Cajun Two-Step by Donna Eckberg
Concert Review: Singer-Songwriter Duo Plays at Brandts by Mindy Mechanic
Cosy Sheridan: "One Sure Thing" by Gene Bertram
Crazy Rhythm, a Review by Lin D Hopper
Deborah Holland: "The Panic is On: Songs from the Great Depression" (Gadfly) by Paul Stamler
Dock Boggs: His Folkways Years, 1963-1968 by Judy Stein
FolkFire Profile -- KDHX Deejay Paul Stamler by Deborah Hyland
FolkFire Profile of KDHX Deejay Keith Dudding by Deborah J. Hyland
Frode Nyvold Heilo: Skjemt og Sjanti (Baudy Ballads), by Judy Stein
Frode Nyvold Heilo: Skjemt og Sjanti (Baudy Ballads), by Judy Stein
Geoff Seitz: The Good Old Days Are Here by Andrew Limanni
Geyer Street Sheiks Live Tape by Andrew Limanni
Gloria and Michael Bauermeister - "Into the Hands of Angels" by Judy Papian
Harry Smith, editor: "Anthology of American Folk Music" by Paul Stamler
Hudson and the Hoo Doo Cats: And That's Right, Too by Donna Eckberg
Hunter Moore and Todd Snyder: Two Folk Gems by Gene Bertram
Jan Marra: "These Crazy Years" by J McKeever
John Hiatt: Walk On on Capitol Records by Rich Simmons
Kevin McCluskey: "This Distant Light" by Andrew Limanni
Kirkwood Station: "De-Railed" by Bob Borcherding
Live Contra Recordings by various artists: "Jump Fingers" by Bob Borcherding
Natural Bridge: "Natural Bridge" by Roy Gokenbach
Raven Moon: "Endless Highway" by ?
Red Mountain White Trash - "Fire in the Dumpster" by Paul Stamler
Rhys Jones: "On the Shoulders of Giants" by Andrew Limanni
Rick Thum and Friends: "A Reason to Dance" by Donna Eckberg
Rosie Ledet: "Zydeco Sensation" by Donna Eckberg
Saint Louis Shape Note Singers: "Songs from The Missouri Harmony" by Bill Caspary
Sandroids: Shake the Sheldon (a Concert Review) by Roy Gokenbach and Deborah Hyland
Sandy Weltman and the sanDroids: "Escape Velocity" by Gene Bertram
Sandy Weltman with the Carolbeth Trio: "New World Harmonica Jazz" by Donna Eckberg
Several Artists: "American Fogies, Vol. 1" by Paul Stamler
Several Artists: "Echoes of the Ozarks" by Paul Stamler
St. Louis Irish Arts: "Ceol agus Rince" (Music & Dance) by Bob Borcherding
Storytelling Treasure by Elliott Ribner
Sven Nyhus: "Traditional Norwegian Fiddle Music" by Bob Borcherding
Swing Set, "The Secret Circus" by Andrew Limanni
Swing Set: "Happy Birthday" by Andrew Limanni
Switchback: "Check on Out" by Donna Eckberg
The Allen Street String Band: "Thumping on a Well Rope" by Jeff Miller
The Boney Goat Band: We’ve Shaved Our Backs and We’re Ready To Rock by Donna Eckberg
The Geyer Street Sheiks: "Great Dream" by J McKeever
The Grace Family - "Dance Upon the Earth" by Dan Klarmann
The Ill-Mo Boys: "Laugh and Grow Fat" by Deborah Hyland
The Kolev Family: Balkan Voices (adapted)
The Orbits: "Crazy Beat" by Bob Borcherding
The Poor People of Paris: "Elle Se Souvient" by Andrew Limanni
The Roches — "Can We Go Home Now?" from Rykodisc by Rich Simmons
Various Artists: "Face the Creek" by Donna Eckberg
Various artists: Notes on New Releases by Rich Simmons