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  • Both Sides of the Dance
    Patrick J. Morris
    Great Spirits of the Universe -
       Each of us and all of us together:
    Thank you for the invitation to the Dance,
       For the chance to dance
       Each side of the steps.
    Thank you for the right
       To receive and to give,
       To be consoled and to console,
       To have and to divest.
    I celebrate the wonder of it -
       That it is not in the one or the other,
       Not in receiving or in giving,
       Not in being consoled or in consoling,
       Not in having or in divesting,
       That we do the dance of life;
    But in doing both,
       doing each,
       measure by measure,
       both feet.
    Invitation to the dance
       Does not come deserved
       But as a grace,
       Unearned, a gift.
    I accept it as a gift,
       Since it is given.
       it is my right.

    Focal Point Moves to Maplewood
    by Gretchen Tomazic

    Let it be known that as of press time for FolkFire's November-December Issue, Focal Point and The Monday Club had reached a mutual agreement on the Focal Point move. Difficulties with Webster Groves city planners brought about the change in moving plans.

    Focal Point has found a new home in Maplewood. The new location is 2720 Sutton. (Not "Commercial 35" as some newspapers erroneously reported). The new space in Maplewood is dedicated, from the inside out, to the folk arts. The building bears a remarkable resemblance to the current Focal Point location. The owners were planning to remodel and have taken in to account all of Focal Point's needs. The new home will have a larger space, a wooden dance floor, two bathrooms, a greenroom, an outdoor deck for dancers to cool down on, plenty of parking, and, as if that is not enough, a twenty year lease. Carol Kuntz says, "Judy and I just keep pinching ourselves!"

    The city of Maplewood, the Chamber of Commerce, and local area businesses have all responded in a warm and inviting manner. There will be a welcoming gala celebration in the beginning of March and special T-shirts in honor of the new Focal Point home. Focal Point in Webster Groves will be shutting down in January in order to facilitate their move to Maplewood. Concerts will be held at the Taproom and Music Folk and various other locations during the move. If you have any questions concerning a specific event, please call Carol at 314-677-5515. Dance events will be cancelled for the months of January and February and will begin again March 1st at the new Maplewood location. Please see specific dance listings for location changes.

    Volunteers, if you are willing to donate your time and talents to do some finishing work in January and February please call Carol at 314-677-5515 and get in on the new Focal Point ground floor, literally.